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Márcio-André de Sousa Haz


Márcio-André is one of the brightest voices of a new generation of young Brazilian artists.

— Walter Salles


Writer, film director, performer, sound and visual artist born in Rio de Janeiro in 1978, Márcio-André de Sousa Haz has collaborated with newspapers and magazines including O Globo, Jornal do Brasil and O Estado de Minas. His poems and texts were translated into several languages, appearing in brazilian and international anthologies and magazines.

He has taught advanced courses in creative writing at the University of Coimbra and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; and has been invited to the the festivals
Poetry International Rotterdam, Struga Poetry Evenings, Festival Silêncio, Balada Literária, Encontros de Interrogação, International Meeting of Poets in Coimbra, Fórum das Letras, Poéticas plurales, Festival Internacional de Poesía de Córdoba and other.

He received the National Library Foundation Scholarship in 2008 for the book of essays Pética das Casas (Poetics of Houses) and was nominated to the prizes Jabuti and Oceanos 2015 with the book Poemas apócrifos de Paul Valéry. In 2009, was resident poet in Monsanto, Portugal. He was one of the poets with individual exhibition in the Visual Poetry series at Oi Futuro. In 2017, His book Radioactive Essays was adapted for the stages by Symone Strobel and staged at Teatro Miguel Falabella, Rio de Janeiro. He is also publisher and co-founder of Confraria do Vento (Artist collective, publisher house and production company).


As filmmaker and video artist, he directed short movies, experimental and music videos. His latest short, The first time I saw Francis Taylor he was in slow motion, won ten awards at the 48 Hour Film Project, including best movie, audience award and best directing; and it was selected for the Filmapalooza 2017. He shot reportages for Deutch Welle about the situation of the Syrian refugees in Hungary and has just concluded a documentary about Maria Kodama, writer and Jorge Luis Borges’ wife.

An experimental artist, with works in the area of ​​performance, sound and visual poetry, M-A has performed in London, Paris, Venice, Kiev, Budapest, Skopje, Rotterdam, Buenos Aires, Lima, Toronto, New York and several cities in Brazil, Spain and Portugal, sharing the stage with artists such as Bruce Andrews, Stephen Rodefer and Ana Gesto. Thanks to his Radioactive-Poetic Conference (2007) in the ghost town of Chernobyl, in Ukraine, he became, according Jornal do Brasil, "the first radioactive poet in the world."

Márcio-André lives and works in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and Budapest, Hungary.




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