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Dyssynchrony (ready made video, 2016)

Inspired by a Hungarian project, this is a series of three video ads created for the Brazilian publisher Confraria do Vento, where classic characters of commercial cinema read Portuguese language poets: John Rambo reads Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Agent Smith reads Fernando Pessoa and Hannibal Lecter reads Vinicius de Moraes.





In the middle of the way (visual poem, 2016)

visual poem created for SONS, Belgian contemporary art museum dedicated to the shoes. The work is a ready made using verses of Carlos Drummond de Andrade and Anne Sexton. From Drummond, it was used the poem "There was a stone in the middle of the road" transposed into English and repeated in the background; From the American poet, it was used the first two lines of the poem "Hurry up please it's time" to compose the two shoe soles: "What is death I ask" forms the left footprint and "what is life you ask" (in inverted writing ) forms the right footprint.



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Paradas em movimento (multimedia art installation, 2011)
Video poems created for the digital exhibition "Paradas em Movimento", at Centro Cultural São Paulo.



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Debug is on the table (multimedia art instalation, 2011)

A multimedia poem-installation remotely controlled. Having as reference only a webcam in a room covered with projections, the author was "present" full-time at Centro Cultural São Paulo, manipulating poetry through sounds and images directly from Spain, and interacting with everyone who "approaches". The performance was intended to highlight the "bug : god" unknown and automaton that acts behind the digital paraphernalia and ask about the place of the artist in the the virtual world.


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Joia - sonnet-polyhedron (web, 2010)
Slightly inspired by the magic squares of the Middle Ages, this sonnet-polyhedron tries to replicate the prismatic effetc of a polished gem. Its verses can be read from left to right and from top to bottom, in no particular order. You can skip the lines and continue horizontally/vertically from where the previous line ended. The combinations are endless. M-A has also created an html version out of the original poem.


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Multitubetexture (web, 2008)

A playful virtual-text-experiment, whose principle is the use of the interface of a blog or website to host a series of youtube videos running simultaneously. Each multitubetexture is a separate interactive poem.

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2010 Márcio-André | Design : Confraria do Vento | Image credits

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