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The Gospel according to the sea
Teutonic-Canadian film based on poems by Márcio-André. Directed by Iva Kvasnička. With voices of Chambel Santos and Afonso Oliveira.

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Há muitas noites na noite - by Silvio Tendler
Márcio-André declaimed, alongside Maria Bethania, Osmar Prado, Zeca Baleiro, Ziraldo, Camila Pitanga, Zuenir Ventura, Giulia Gam, Leticia Sabatela and Edu Lobo, excerpts from "Poema Sujo", the legendary work of Ferreira Gullar, for the installation and the movie "Há muitas noites na noite", by Silvio Tendler.

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Tropofonia - Radio UFMG Educativa
Radio UFMG Educativa’s programme Tropofonia dedicated its 10TH May 2010 episode to the work of Marcio-Andre, offering readings, sound poems, quotes and information about his life. This weekly programme is presented by Wilmar Silva, Cristina Borges and Francesco Napolli.

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Polis Mínima - urban cartography
An academic and artistic project by Laurie Christine Tavares, one of its strategies being her encounters with Marcio-Andre’s work.

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The object
Choral piece by Jean-Pierre Caron composed about its namesake, the poem ‘The object’ in the collection Intradoxos. For mixed choir, undetermined number of performers and indefinite duration. First performed on August 8, 2008, in Villa-Lobos's room at UNIRIO by Mosaico choir.




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