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Leonardo contra Paris

Novel, Confraria do Vento, 2016







Leonardo Pontevedra is a young writer who became famous by dating the most prestigious pianist in the country. When the relationship is broken, he announces he is moving to Paris, where was invited to teach as a visitor professor at Sorbonne. In fact, without money or place to go, he takes refuge in São João de Meriti, poor municipality in Rio de Janeiro, where he spends the days posting on social medias the news about his vibrant life in the French capital. The scam works until more and more people report having attended his classes - and, indeed, he learns that his course is displayed on the university website.



Poemas apócrifos de Paul Valéry

Poetry, Confraria do Vento, 2014


Book nominated to the prizes Jabuti and Oceanos 2015










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Ensaios radioativos

Essays, Confraria do Vento, 2008












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Poetry, Confraria do Vento, 2007







"From Paris, via New York, it appears that Márcio-André is the one to watch in the break-away pack of the new Brazilian poets. Both the man, 'wrenched from the husk of night' with a violin in his hip pocket, and the remarkable body of work for one so young, in which we are so marvellously 'granted teeth and eyes/and woven into daylight and made to hear'".
Stephen Rodefer


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